Quest Bar White Chocolate Blueberry Muffin 60 g

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Acest baton contine 21g de proteine si doar 5g de carbohidrati.

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Quest Bar White Chocolate Blueberry Muffin 60 g

Quest Bar White Chocolate Blueberry Muffin 60 g. Mod de administrare: Se pot administra 1-3 batoane pe zi, in functie de necesarul proteic.

Totul despre batonul Quest – White Chocolate Blueberry Muffin

Fiecare baton contine 21 g de proteine, are 16 g de fibre, 2 g de zahar si 5 g de carbohidrati. Nu contine gluten.
Batoanele proteice sunt o sursa nutritiva rapida, imbunatatita cu vitamine si minerale. Batoanele proteice sunt alegerea ideala atunci cand ai nevoie de un plus de energie sau doresti sa completezi necesarul proteic zilnic.
In general, batoanele de la Quest sunt renumite pentru calitatea ingredientelor si pentru gustul lor delicios.

In concluzie, fiti atenti!

Produsul este un supliment alimentar si nu trebuie sa inlocuiasca o dieta echilibrata si un stil de viata sanatos! A nu se congela! A se feri de lumina directa a soarelui!

Quest Bar White Chocolate BlueBerry Muffin 60 g

Quest Bar White Chocolate BlueBerry Muffin 60 g. Mode of administration: you can consume 1-3 bars per day, depending on protein needs.

All about Quest Protein Bar – White Chocolate Blueberry Muffin

Especially relevant: each bar contains 21 grams of protein, 16 grams of dietary fiber, 2 g of sugar and also 5 g net carbs. Furthermore, it does not contain gluten.
In addition, the bars are a nutritious source of protein delivery, enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Also protein bars are the ideal choice when you need extra energy or want to complete daily protein needs. Furthermore, we know that Quest bars are famous for the quality of ingredients and delicious taste.

In conclusion, be careful!

The product is a dietary supplement and should not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle!
Do not freeze!
Keep away from direct sunlight!
Especially relevant is that you can find more nutritional information in the attached photos.
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