Amino 2700 – 120 tablets

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Amino 2700 120 tabs

Amino 2700 120 tabs. Mod de administrare: Se consuma cate 3 tablete pe stomacul gol de 3 ori pe zi, inainte de fiecare masa si dupa antrenament (10-15 tablete/zi).

Totul despre Amino 2700 120 tabs

Studiile arata ca persoanele active necesita cantitati mult mai mari de proteine decat persoanele sedentare. Astfel ca, este un supliment nutritiv, recomandat sportivilor si persoanelor active, fiind o formula pe baza de aminoacizi cu eliberare treptata, continand un spectru complet de aminoacizi atat esentiali cat si neesentiali. Amino 2700 se recomanda pentru a suplimenta aportul de protein. Amino 2700 ajuta la cresterea fortei si mentinerea masei musculare fara acumulare de grasimi. Amino 2700 120 tablete contine o gama larga de aminoacizi de tip L si peptide ce sunt asimilate rapid si usor de catre tesutul muscular. Acesti aminoacizi au un rol benefic anabolic si sunt esentiali pentru a construi o masa musculara solida.

– reduce catabolismul proteic;
– imbunatateste retentia de nitrogen;
– 1 portie contine 24 de calorii;
– 1 portie contine 6 g de proteina.

Pentru persoanele care doresc  sa-si creasca cu usurinta aportul de aminoazici.

Amino 2700 120 tabs

Amino 2700 120 tabs. Mode of administration: Take 3 tablets on an empty stomach 3 times daily before meals and after training (10-15 tablets per day).

All about Amino 2700 120 tabs

Studies show that active people require much larger quantities of protein than sedentary individuals. Therefore, it is a dietary supplement that is recommended athletes and active people, it is an amino acid-based formulation with sustained release and it contains a full spectrum of essential and nonessential amino acids also. In addition Amino 2700 is recommended to supplement protein intake. It also helps maintain strength and muscle mass without fat accumulation. Amino 2700 120 tablets containing a wide range of L-amino acids and peptides that are quickly and easily assimilated by muscle tissue. In conclusion, these amino acids have a beneficial role anabolic and are essential to build a solid muscle mass.

Key benefits:
– especially relevant it reduces protein catabolism;
– also improves nitrogen retention;
– in addition – one serving contains 24 calories;
– 1 serving contains 6 g of protein.

For people who wants to increase their intake of amino acids easily.


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