Animal Stak – 21 packs

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 Animal Stak include si nutrienti ce asigura sanatatea glandelor endocrine si amplifica productia hormonilor endogeni.

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Animal Stak – 21 packs

Animal Stak 21 packs. Contine 21 serviri. Mod de administrare: se recomanda utilizarea unui pachet pe zi, 21 de zile consecutive. În zilele de antrenament: 1 pachet cu 30 – 45 de minute înainte de exercitii, iar în zilele fara antrenament: 1 pachet înainte de culcare.
*Pentru rezultate maxime, urmati un ciclu de administrare de 3 saptamâni, urmat de 1 saptamâna de pauza. Rezultate maxime se obtin daca se administreaza la persoanele care au peste 25 de ani. *Se recomanda utilizarea combinarea Animal Stak cu Animal Test sau Animal M-Stak pentru maximizarea rezultatelor.

Beneficii cheie:

  • Stimuleaza eliberarea hormonului de crestere
  • Creste masa musculara si energia
  • Contine inhibitori de aromataza
  • Blocanti de DHT (dihidrotestosteron)
  • Sustine metabolismul hepatic

Nivelul de hormoni este ceea ce separa elita culturistilor si atletilor de restul celor aflati la sala de antrenamente. Cu acest obiectiv in minte, s-a dezvoltat cu mai mult de o decada in urma, suplimentul nutritiv Animal Stak, ce asigura organismului un avantaj anabolic si androgenic, actionand in mod natural asupra capacitatii naturale a organismului de a sintetiza hormone de crestere.

Incarcat cu extracte puternice din plante, vitamine, minerale, aminoacizi si componente brevetate foarte potente, fiecare pachetel predozat de Animal Stak a fost realizat astfel incat sa accelereze in mod natural productia de hormoni, aducand beneficii reale culturistilor si atletilor care se antreneaza intens la sala de forta, minimalizand productia de estrogen si cortizol-hormonii ce impiedica cresterea in masa musculara. Animal Stak include si nutrienti ce asigura sanatatea glandelor endocrine si amplifica productia hormonilor endogeni.

Animal Stak – 21 packs

Animal Stak 21packs. It contains 21 servings. Mode of administration: You should use one pack on a day for 21 consecutive days. Also, in training days: 1 pack with 30-45 minutes before exercises, and in days without training: 1 package before bedtime.
* Furthermore for best results, follow a cycle of 3 weeks administration followed by one week of rest. MEspecially relevant: maximum results are obtained if it is consumed by persons over 25 years.
* Also we recomand to use in combination with Animal Stak Animal Test with Animal M-Stak or to maximize results.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains aromatase inhibitors
  • Increases muscle mass and also energy
  • Also stimulates release of growth hormone
  • Blockers of DHT (dihydrotestosterone)
  • In addition supports liver metabolism

Especially relevant: hormone levels is what separates elite bodybuilders and athletes from the rest of those in the gym. With this objective in mind, It was developed more than a decade, a nutritional supplement Animal Stak that provides the body an anabolic and androgenic advantage acting naturally on the body’s natural ability to synthesize growth hormone.

Loaded with extracts powerful herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and components patented very potent each sachet-dosed Animal Stak, and also was conducted so as to accelerate the natural production of hormones, bringing real benefits to bodybuilders and athletes who train hard in the gym power, minimizing the production of estrogen and cortisol hormones that prevent the growth of muscle mass. Animal Stak also includes nutrients that provide health endocrine and enhance endogenous hormone production.

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