BCAA Complex 2200 – 400 caps

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BCAA Complex 2200 400 caps

BCAA Complex 2200 400 caps. Mod de administrare: Se iau 4 tablete in fiecare zi. Pentru rezultate maxime, se iau 2 tablete dimineata, pe stomacul gol, 2 tablete inainte cu 10-15 minute inainte de antrenament si alte 2 tablete imediat dupa antrenament.

Mod de prezentare Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 – 400 caps – Cutia are 400 de capsule, mai precis 100 de serviri.
Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 iti ofera 2200 mg de BCAA. Este creat dupa o formula noua cu aminoacizi si cele mai bune ramificatii de L-Leucina, L-Valina si L-Izoleucina, obtinute prin metoda presiunii la frig. Au fost adaugate fibre si vitamina B6 pentru maximalizarea absorbtiei si marirea efectului. BCAA stimuleaza sinteza proteinelor, de aceea este utilizat in faza post-antrenament, reducand febra musculara.

Acest produs este indicat pentru cei care practica sporturi de rezistenta, forta, viteza.
Acest produs este recomandat pentru toti sportivii care au nevoie de mai multi aminoacizi; pentru refacerarea mai rapida si pentru imbunatatirea rezultatelor la forta, rezistenta, viteza.
BCCA (in forma pura) sunt singurii aminoacizi care se absorb direct in sange si ajung in muschi.
Acesti aminoacizi sunt asimilati foarte usor si sunt esentiali pentru o refacere musculara maxima.

BCAA Complex 2200 400 caps

BCAA Complex 2200 400 caps. Mode of administration: Take 4 tablets daily. For maximum results, take 2 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach before 2 tablets 10-15 minutes before exercise and another 2 tablets immediately after training.

Presentation Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 400 caps – it has 400 capsules hence 100 servings.
Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 offers 2200 mg BCAA. It is created by a new formula, and the better the amino acid L-Leucine branches, L-Valine and also L-Isoleucine, obtained by cold pressure method. It has fiber and vitamin B6 to maximize absorption and increase the effect. BCAA stimulates protein synthesis, and therefore is used in the post-exercise, reducing muscle soreness.

In conclusion,

This product is indicated for those who practice sports of endurance, strength, speed.
In addition this product is recommended for all athletes who need more amino acids. Also for faster recovery and improve results in strength, endurance, speed. BCCA (in pure form) are the only amino acids that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and reach the muscles. Furthermore these amino acids are easily assimilated and are essential for maximum muscle recovery.
Most important to note is that I-Nutrition is the official distributor of Dymatize Nutrition.
Especially relevant is that you can find more nutritional information in the attached photos.
Hence you want to find more about this product, also you can acces: Dymatize Nutrition.


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