Creatina Monohidrata – 500 g

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Creatina Monohidrata 500 g

Creatina Monohidrata 500 g. Mod de utilizare: Adaugati 5 grame in apa si consumati. Utilizati de 1-2 ori pe zi, de preferat inainte sau dupa antrenament. Dupa 8 saptamani de utilizare, luati o pauza o saptamana si repetati ciclul. Este recomandat ca toate portiile sa fie masurate cu ajutorul unui cantar de precizie.

Ce este Creatina Monohidrata 500 g?

Creatina monohidrata este una dintre cele mai cercetate forme de creatina din lume si a fost testata si dovedita etic in mai multe studii de performanta. Creatina monohidrata este ideala pentru o gama larga de sportivi, de la culturisti la alergatori. Acest produs este perfect sigur si a fost dovedit stiintific ca Imbunatateste performanta fizica in exercitii scurte si de mare intensitate, facand-o perfecta pentru cei care participa la sporturi precum rugby, powerlifting sau sprinturi.

Pentru cine este potrivita?

Creatina monohidrata este potrivita pentru cei care exercita antrenamente prelungite sau de intensitate mare, in scopul de a imbunatati performanta fizica. Sursele alimentare de creatina includ diferite tipuri de carne si peste care furnieaza aproximativ 3-7g per kg. Cu toate acestea, consumarea in cantitati mari de astfel de alimente poate creste dieta la valori excesive alaturi de grasime corporala, acesta fiind motivul pentru care se consuma creatina monohidrata in pastile, pudra sau de pilule. Consumarea creatinei sub formele acestea este mult mai practica si eficienta

Beneficii cheie pentru Creatina Monohidrata 500 g:

  • Ideal pentru sporturile bazate pe forta
  • Se dizolva usor in apa

Cand ar trebui consumata?

Noi recomandam 5g de creatina monohidrata imediat inainte de antrenament sau dupa cu un shake proteic si un amestec de carbohidrati pentru a maximiza absorbtia. Alternativ, poate fi amestecata cu apa, lapte sau suc si consumata imediat dupa amestecare.

Nu depasiti doza zilnica recomandata.
Acest produs este un supliment alimentar si nu trebuie sa reprezinte un substitut pentru o dieta variata si pentru un stil de viata sanatos.
A se pastra in locuri uscate, a nu se lasa la indemana copiilor.

Creatine Monohydrate 500 g

Creatine Monohydrate 500 g. Mode of administration: Add 5g to water, shake and consume. Use 1-2 times daily preferably directly before and after exercise. Especially relevant after 8 weeks of continued use take 1 week off and start cycle again.

What it is?
Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise, making it perfect for those who participate in sports such as powerlifting, sprinting or rugby.

Who is Creatine Monohydrate Suitable for?
Especially relevant Creatine Monohydrate is suitable for anyone partaking in prolonged or high-intensity exercise, looking to improve physical performance. In addition dietary sources of creatine include various meats and fish providing approximately 3-7 g per kg. However, consuming large quantities (kg’s) of such foods may potentially increase your dietary protein to excessive values alongside body fat which is why using creatine monohydrate in pill, powder or capsule form is far more practical and effective.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for power based sports
  • in addition, it can be easily mixed in water

When should I consume Creatine Monohydrate?

Especially relevant all we would recommend consuming 5g of Creatine Monohydrate immediately pre or post work-out with a whey protein and carbohydrate blend to maximise its uptake by the muscle. In addition, it may be mixed with water, milk or juice and consumed immediately after mixing.
Furthermore: New users of creatine monohydrate are recommended to first follow a loading phase to reap its maximum benefits. Supplementing 5g (1 scoop) four times a day at regular intervals is recommended to saturate your muscles with creatine before commencing with the standard 5g a day recommended use.

In conclusion, be careful!
Also do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
This product is a food supplement and therefore should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Store in a cool dry place and also keep out of the reach of young children.
Especially relevant is that you can find more nutritional information in the attached photos.
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